Common Causes of Ice Dams

Icicles on your gutters and overhangs can be a real safety hazard. As the icicles melt they refreeze on walkways and entrance ways causing dangerous slip hazards.

But they are not the only problem!

They are actually part of a much bigger problem called ice dams. The build-up of snow on your roof eventually turns into water and slush due to the sun and the heat generated from your home. The water and slush refreezes and becomes the ice dam or icicle on the edge of your roof overhang or gutter.

Initially the ice dam is small and not really an issue but as the snow melts and rebuilds the ice dam continues to grow and causes expensive damage to the roof, gutter or the interior of your home. Repairs will help only until the next winter when it starts snowing again and the cycle will repeat itself and you will need to pay for repairs again. So what can you do?

Here’s the solution!

A unique heated gutter guard called “AWA IceBreaker®” or our patent pending IceArmour® Heat Panels. These heated gutter guards and heat panels will prevent the icicles and ice dams from ever forming! They will protect your roof and gutters and save you money every winter. AWA IceBreaker® and IceArmour® heat panels – the most advanced ice dam solution - will safeguard you, your roof and your gutters. No more icicles, no more ice dams. The permanent ice dam solution!